immorak™ (immorak) wrote in whatcommunity,

WWE RAW [Feb.11/03]

After the Show
After Vince left, Austin's music hit. We all thought it was for a No Way Out promo or something. Then, Austin came out in his black "What?" T-shirt and blue denim shorts. Morley came down to save Bischoff from Austin, and ended up getting beaten and stunned.

Jericho came out, wanting to drink a beer with Stone Cold. Jericho then cut a "What?" promo, pausing between phrases to allow the crowd to shout "What?". Jericho was very humorous, saying he wanted to "share an Old Milwaukee with good ol' Stone Cold."Austin then retorted with "What?"'s of his own. Austin asked for beers, and he caught two. Jericho then tried to catch a beer, and Austin responded, "I do the beer catching around here, son." He then stunned Jericho after giving him a beer.

Jericho took the Scott Hall stunner bump and bounced off the mat, then flew out of the ring. Morley then tried to attack Austin again, however he was stunned yet another time. Austin then went to leave, and he came back, offered Morley a beer, then beat him in the head with his beer can. Austin then went up the ramp-way, shared a beer with JR, and left the arena.
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You beat me to it!

What a jip.. I wanted to see that shit on RAW! live..
not after... :(
I agree, it would of added to the show 100%!
i never lost faith that he would come back. i just hope they use him in a cool way. i think it would be cool if they made him a psycho who just stunnered everybody.even babyfaces. sorry, just a random stone cold fan who stumbled on this community.

it would be cool.
i just wish stone cold would have been on air when all this happened.
it woulda been cool to air that. kinda like vintage "austin runs out and kills everybody then leaves" (not literally kills hehe)
yeah, but it sounds like a classic moment.